Table Tennis

Knox Indoorspotz is one of the Melbourne’s best centres to play table tennis. We host social events and competitions as well.

Our Table Tennis courts are available for all players of all ages and standards. Bring your own equipment or hire it from our reception. If you can make quick movements and reactions around the table one hour Table Tennis then you are ready to go.

We strongly recommend booking the Table Tennis court in advance. You can enquire about availability online or over the phone before visiting Knox Indooorsportz centre.

Are you ready to do a ‘Loop’,’Flick’,’Smash’,’Lob’ or ‘Chop’ and earn more points?

We are open

WEEKDAYS and WEEKENDS                                    9.00 AM TO 10.00 PM                     



WEEKDAYS    9.00 AM TO 6.00 PM                        $10 PER COURT

                              6.00 PM TO 10.00 PM                      $12 PER COURT


WEEKENDS   9.00 AM TO 6.00 PM                        $12 PER COURT

                             6.00 PM TO 10.00 PM                      $14 PER COURT


Our cafe with snacks and refreshments is open just for you.


Flexible payment methods available just for you at every session Cash or EFTPOS


Follow this link to book online and indicate which session you intend to sign up for.


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